Digital Fashion Platform
A platform that allows fashion & jewelry brands to create wearables and interactive digital prints
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Our mission is to form and spread the new culture of digital fashion.
The digital fashion promises to completely change the current production and consumption of fashion. It is expected that the digital fashion will gradually replace the traditional fashion in next decades.
Our history
September 2016
The idea of digital fashion was born and the first concept was written
November 2016
Made the first prototype of a digital necklace /w color display
December 2016
Pre-seed round closed and first jewelry brand was attracted
September 2017
Made a second prototype and platform alpha, seed round closed
What is digital fashion?
Today, a new industry is emerging in a fashion tech market — the digital fashion. Startups are already creating a variety of accessories with displays for digital content, which are in demand among consumers. And even experimenting with footwear and clothing.

Levi's released a smart jacket with touch-sensitive threads based on Google's technology: Project Jacquard. This is the very beginning but the trend isn't stopping here.

The main goal of Posh SPACE is to form a digital fashion culture and create a new market, providing opportunities for realization, monetization and growth for young talents and existent market players.
$ 2.4Tr

State of the global fashion market by 2017
5.5 %

Annual growth of the global fashion market
95 %

Want to have an accessory with a display that changes the design
60 %

Ready to buy digital artworks for fashion wear and accessories
Digital art is a new fashion
If you want to change your look, you don't need to go to the store to buy new wear or accessories anymore. Now you can instantly set a new design for your fashion stuff through your smartphone.

We are sure that the real revolution in fashion and its full transformation into the digital will be made by the content creators: artists, designers and brands. For this reason, we decide to create a content-oriented platform, where the utility token POSH will be used to create and purchase digital fashion content, as well as to pay for the services for all ecosystem participants.
We create a digital fashion ecosystem in accordance with the principles of a decentralized economy.
We propose to use the utility tokens POSH as the main means of payment for all transactions within the Marketplace. This will simplify the exchange between participants from different parts of the world and create a single space for digital fashion.

To ensure trust between all the participants, our platform uses a blockchain infrastructure that allows users to register copyrights and track the transaction history using smart contracts that ensure a fair reward distribution among all interested parties.
Before the Posh SPACE, the monetization of digital art was hampered by the lack of relevant mediums and problems with respect to copyrights.

The Posh SPACE ecosystem allows content makers and consumers to interact with each other. To simplify the procedure of the content exchange, we use own digital currency POSH.
We create a value for digital content: exactly the same value as physical goods and pieces of art. All digital content on the platform is tokenized. Any image or animation can be released in a limited edition or even in a single copy.

Each time the new owner of a digital copy resells it to another person, the author receives 5% of the profit.
POSH tokens are used to issue digital artworks: one token equal one digital copy of the artwork.

Tokens are also used to purchase:
• digital artworks
• physical accessories and wear
• promotion and advertising services
• third-party services
Copyrights and the history of copy ownership are recorded into the blockchain, so the content cannot be faked, and a transparent history of ownership allows to adequately assess the artwork's price on a secondary market.

Smart contracts allow taking stock in profit share for all participants by fair: for example charity or brands. At the same time the platform does not take any fee from the participants.
The platform consists of two levels: Infrastructure and Marketplace.
1. Infrastructure level includes firmware, hardware and storage.

2. Marketplace level includes an interface for the upload, purchase and sale of digital artworks and services from third-party suppliers.

Posh SPACE will use its own technology platform as a lever to increase ecosystem growth and will provide the community with its API and SDK for integrating new tools and technologies developed by third-party service providers.

This platform allows brands, artists and technology companies to interact with each other directly, without any fees:
Artists & designers
Create and upload digital artworks into the single marketplace
OEMs & developers
Develop hardware, form-factors, applications and new services
Jewelry & fashion brands
Sell accessories and wear with displays for digital artworks
Buy branded accessories, wear and unique digital artworks
February 2018
Decentralized platform development.

Token Sale start.
April 2018
The launch of the marketplace for sale and exchange of content, first sales of accessories with built-in displays.

Development of flexible color displays and flexible batteries for use in clothing and footwear.
December 2018
The launch of completely independent and decentralized ecosystem of digital fashion.

Development of 3D-printed clothing and footwear for daily use.
December 2019
Serial sales of clothing and footwear with built-in displays.

Development of new materials and fabrics capable of reproducing color digital images and animations.
Our achievements:

1. Made two working prototypes of AMOLED necklace;
2. Made a market study and research;
3. Raised two investments rounds;
4. Built the alpha-versions of digital content platform and mobile apps;
5. Developed a partnership with Brands and OEMs;
6. Was presented at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia;
7. Lectured students of fashion tech accelerator "Fashion Futurum";
8. Become a resident of the FashionTech accelerator.
Demo of the working prototype 2.0
September 2017
POSH token sale summary
Common info
• Date: February 2018
• 1 POSH = $ 0.01
• SoftCap = $3,000,000
• HardCap = $9,000,000
• Maximum amount of available POSH: 1,571,428,571
• Actual ammount of issued POSH will be known after token sale ends
• Accepted currencies: ETH and BTC
• Minimum purchase transaction: $100
• Sale time: 30 days or when HardCap reached
• Mining, bonuses or additional issue are not allowed

Token distribution
  • 70% — community
  • 20% — founders, team and early contributors
  • 10% — legal and marketing support, bounty program
Revenue allocation
  • 28% — marketing
  • 32% — r&d
  • 40% — manufacture
Know how to launch technology products, attract partners and investments
Nikolay Ponomarenko
CEO: product, marketing & business model
Launched IoT and Social services in the US and Europe,
Partners with Schneider Electrics and ALPLA

Previous experience:
ROUND — CEO & Founder
Paradox Software — CEO & Founder
Dreamise — CEO & Founder
ElecPrime — CCO & Co-Founder

Sergey Shevyakov
CCO: finance, partners, artists & brands
Launched a large e-commerce project, raised more than $20m,
Partners with Eldorado and Independence Group

Previous experience:
ROUND — CCO & Co-Founder
Timerun — CEO & Co-Founder
Home Credit Bank — Senior Business Development Manager

Dmitry Danilov
C++ Developer
George Girenok
Constructor Engineer
Igor Zhilcov
Hardware Engineer
Art Pirozhkov
Business development advisor
Stan Milc
Investor Relationship
Greg Limon
Investor Relationship
Worldwide professionals in fashion, art, business and technologies
Alexander Shulgin
Strategic Advisor (content, media & tech)
Visionary and investor in the future technologies. As a visionary, Alexander predicted in early 2009 the emergence of crypto-currencies, which will begin to replace the existing monetary system, as well as the emergence of national and regional crypto-currencies.

Today, Alexander is a successful investor in the technology of the future: BitFury, Lending Club, DotBlockchain, Ticketland, Aviasales, Farfetch, Rocket Lawer, PlutoTV, etc. Founder and partner of investment companies, co-owner of TV channels, and investment and consulting company in Switzerland. As one of the world's leading experts in the field of digital economy, digital communications and future media, he teaches at universities in Hong Kong, France, Germany, Japan, Indonesia.
Anina Net
Fashion tech & Design Advisor
CEO 360Fashion Network, 10 years connects fashion and technology. Anina is an international fashion model, a blogger, and a fashion technology and wearables event producer.

360Fashion Network focuses on mobile applications for the fashion industry, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D printing, sets for smart fashion developers and electronic textiles. Anina conducts major events in the field of technological fashion in Asia, in which more than 125,000 people participate, organized the first show of high-tech fashion in China at the World Mobile Congress in Shanghai and issued the IBM 360Fashion & Tech Innovation Awards in the United States in November 2015.
Vladimir Shreyder
Digital Art & Design Advisor
Designer and art director. The founder of mobile applications Glitché [1] and SLMMSK [2]. In 2015, the British The Guardian called Shreyder one of 30 influential people in Moscow under 30 years.

[1] Glitché — A mobile application for editing images using digital errors and visual distortions. The application has become widespread in the fashion industry, as well as among musicians and celebrities.
[2] SLMMSK allows user to create the so-called "antiselfie" - a selfie, intentionally distorted by visual effects with the help of automatic face recognition in real time. The American edition of Yahoo stressed that with the release of the application "we have entered the age of the post-selfie selfie".

Arseny Vesnin
Digital Art & Design Advisor
Artist, designer and creator of the Designcollector blog. Popularizer of Russian graphic and media design. One of the first to create the community Behance Russia, and until 2012 was Behance Ambassador Russia. Guest Curator at Sedition.

Digital culture editor and founder of Designcollector Network Arseny Vesnin, has been exploring and curating the best of visual media arts and design since 2003. DCN quickly became a leading online media that keeps an eye on the rapidly changing world of new media art, design and other creative disciplines. In 2011 he made a report on "Creative Russian" at the festival OFFF. The author of two albums about the Russian commercial illustration Russian Illustration WOW. Starting from 2013, organises an annual initiative Digital Decade, aimed to reveal upcoming artists working in the field of digital art. Digital Decade has taken place previously in creative hubs of London, Barcelona and Saint Petersburg and London again.
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